In my job I love to wear suits, jackets, pants and overcoats that my Savile Row tailor John Coggin makes for me. You have seen his work if you have met me at one of my seminars or lectures. I wear his clothes also on many pictures (including the ones on this website).

I have met John a few ago in London while I did some research in Savile Row for my first book. In those days John used to own Tobias Tailors with a partner. The premises were located between the shops of Chester Barrie and Anderson & Sheppard in a building that has been torn down in the meantime.

On my publicity shot I wear a double breasted suit that was cut and made by John Coggin from a cloth by Harrison’s of Edinburgh (photo: Claudia Piras).

I like the way he answered my questions and how passionately he spoke about his profession.

From 1998 until the shop was closed I walked through this door for fittings many times.

When I returned the next day I ordered my first Savile Row suit. This was a very special moment that had I dreamt of for many years. Thanks to John’s tailoring art I have never regretted this step. I particularly like to wear this first suit he made for me which is more than ten years old.

John Coggin is an exceptional tailor because he is both a master of cutting and making. This sportcoat was made by him complety, this image shows the second fitting.

Many years I have mostly worn shirts from Jermyn Street in London, both off-the-rack and bespoke. For a quite a while now my custom shirts are made in Italy, exclusively of Swiss cotton.

For more than 15 years Church’s were my favourite shoes, my first love in goodyear welted footwear. A few years ago I discovered the lasts of Eduard Meier in Munich. Since then I wear the from Germany’s oldest shoeshop almost all of the time.

Pocket handkerchiefs are an important part of the classic outfit. I have found a great choice at the Gentleman’s outfitter Paul Stuart in New York City.